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Visit Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica

sign for dunn''s river falls in jamaica

One of the greatest attractions in Jamaica is the Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios and it is not just the water cascading from a height of 600 feet that captures the imagination of the visitors; more than that it is the fact that you can wade right into the water, be part of a human chain and climb the natural staircase leading right to the top of the waterfall. So how to make the most of your visit to the Dunns’s River Falls?

human chain holding hands climbing dunns river falls jamaica

If you are staying in a resort or Jamaica villas, you can talk to the staff and they will provide you all the information you need about the Falls. Some Jamaica villas also arrange for tours and transport to the Falls. Otherwise you can also arrange for guided tours on your own. These tours are not very expensive and cost about $30 per person.

family in pool at dunns river falls jamaica

Before starting out remember to wear your swimsuits and tee shirt on top, canvas shoes and sunscreen. On reaching the falls, you will be provided a life jacket near the wading pool. You will also be assigned a group and a guide to take you up the falls.

child falling in dunns river falls jamaica   guide with visitors at dunn''s river falls jamaica

Being a part of a human chain, slipping and balancing while the cool refreshing water is cascading all over you can be a very exciting experience. You can also stop on the stairs to enjoy the surrounding vistas and take photos of the climb.

girls climbing the falls at dunn''s river in jamaica  girls at dunn''s river falls jamaica

If you feel too tired to continue and wish to opt out of the climb, remember there are escape routes available. Simply inform the exit personnel on plateaus and they will help you leave toward the terrace or decks.

group at dunns river falls jamaica

Once you reach the top, you will be rewarded by the magnificent views of the tropical foliage, bamboos, lilies, crotons, and wild orchids. You can change into dry clothing and shop for souvenirs. And if the climb has left you hot, hungry and thirsty, you can enjoy a light lunch and drinks and then head back to your Jamaica villas. If you still want to explore further, there is the Dolphins cove that you can visit where you can apart from other activities, swim with the dolphins.

Jamaica Villas Happenings