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Paul & Danielle Buchta Wedding at Silver Sands Jamaica

bridal bouquet

It has been a little over a year since we have visited Silver Sands and I took the last year to reflect on our experience.  Needless to say; we are returning this November.

My husband and I came to Silver Sands to get married in April 2015. 

We had a total of 16 guests accompany us on our destination and actually used two villas; Summertime and Sea Dance.

The process for reserving the villas, accommodation of having food and a menu were far easier than any all-inclusive resort that we have ever stayed at.

bride walking to gazebo bride and thelma, wedding coordinator

The wedding accommodations were even easier.  Ms. Thelma worked with me sometimes daily; while she remained in Jamaica and I here in the US.  We discussed our wedding menu, colors, and venue and all went off without a hitch.  I allowed her to pick my colors as my husband and I were the only ones in the wedding party and she chose the most beautiful blue and teal.  We were married in the gazebo off the long jetty and it was decorated so wonderfully that it exceeded all of our expectations. 

bride and groom with marriage officer

Our reception was held by the big tree in the open field to the right of the jetty and was set up with decorations, white linen table clothes and matching chairs, food buffet and a DJ with our own wedding photographers.  Although it was hot we couldn't have asked for anything more.

groom carrying bride on the beach

Once we arrived, Ms. Thelma was there introducing herself, going over the last minute items and personally drove us around the facilities to show us just how beautiful of a resort Silver Sands is.  She was the sweetest to me, my husband and all of our guests and I absolutely fell head over heals for her.  Her kind nature and positive attitude was just what a bride needs to feel relaxed and confident that her wedding would be perfect; and it was.

bride and groom on the beach

Again we stayed at Summertime and Sea Dance.  None of the guests had any complaints.  My husband and I; along with three other couples stayed at Summertime.  This villa was so quaint and comfortable with a beautiful pool and outdoor space.  The ladies that took care of the cooking and cleaning were top-notch.  Coffee made every morning, the freshest food that I have ever eaten in my life, laundry done for all of our guests daily and if anything was needed it was there in a second.  They made the opportunity to stay at Summertime a great joy.  

The guests of ours that stayed at Sea Dance also had no complaints.  Because my husband and I stayed at a separate villa than some of our guests; we were constantly down at Sea Dance checking on them and enjoying their villa as well.  Sea Dance is a little closer to the beach but the walk down was minimal.  They too had no complaints and loved it so much that they too will be celebrating their 5th honeymoon there which is November 2016.

Lorna our masseuse also deserves accolades.  Lorna was referred to us by a friend here in the US.  She has a bit of travel time to get to Silver Sands but was able to come not one day but two.  I provided all of the girls an hour massage the night before the wedding and it was spectacular.  Her hands are magic!  On the second day a few of the girls received a second massage and some of the gentleman partook as well.  To give the proper credit which is definitely owed; one of our gentleman had been dealing with back issues for quite some time and had numerous massages in an attempt to relieve his pain but to no avail.  Lorna was able to work it out and he was extremely pleased. 

I have thought long and hard about our experience over the past year.  Maybe it was the fact that I was getting married to the most wonderful man ever, maybe it was because I had all of my close friends there with me, maybe it was the sunshine of Jamaica...I don't know.  

bride with leg up bride and groom with wedding cake and toasting

What I do know is that if it weren't for all of the people involved; the reservation concierge, the fresh food provided by a local store, the kind-hearted ladies that stayed with us; Ms. Thelma and her fabulous wedding design and vision; or Ms. Lorna with hands of a magician we would not have had the most wonderful week we have ever had. 

See you all in November 2016!!

By Danielle Buchta

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