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Get Your Hands Dirty - Plant a Coconut Tree at Silver Sands Jamaica

neal family plant a coconut tree at silver sands jamaicsa

Come on and get your hands dirty in the rich Jamaican soil.

Do it for the environment.

Do it for the beauty. 

Do it for the sheer joy of planting a living thing so it can grow, blossom, and bear fruit that many will enjoy.

Do you want to plant a coconut tree on your next visit to Silver Sands Jamaica?
Let us know and Mysilversands will arrange this for you! There is a small charge of US$10, which covers the cost of procuring the tree and materials.

coconut tree name sign coconut tree sign by chucky
Chucky carved these rustic signs with the names of the children who planted these coconut trees (above). He will happily do the same for you. Call or WhatsApp him on +1 (876) 882 7976.

gladwell planting coconut tree
The Gladwells with DJ share a quiet moment after planting their coconut tree near Arawak bt The Sea.

man and girl with pickaxe
No one's too young or to old to get into the spirit of planting coconut trees! The tree will grace the seafront at Red Fox Villa.

children around planted tree
These enthusiastic children make sure the coconut tree is properly seated and the ground firm, using their bare hands. It was planted on the front lawn at Endless Summer Villa.

holding the coconut tree seedling, ready for planting
The coconut tree seedling, ready for planting at Hang Time Villa in Silver Sands Jamaica.

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