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Lindsay's Seafood Joint & Bar, near to Silver Sands Jamaica

“Lindsay’s place is the real deal…”


Open from 11:00 AM to Midnight.
Telephone: +1 (876) 544 7192 or +1 (876) 775 9264

Call for Info and Free Transportation to and from Lindsay’s Seafood Joint & Bar. See more details below.


Lindsay’s is mindful of the contribution that the Parrot Fish makes in keeping Jamaica’s coral reefs alive and therefore does not serve Parrot Fish. 


Dine Like A Local
by Geoff Gibson


After a vigorous session of kiteboarding off the Silver Sands beach, we were, as they say in Jamaica, “Hungry bad, mon.”

geoff and shine
Shine (left) and Geoff (right)

Prem's friend, Mark Lindsay (and popular driver for guests of Mysilversands), was waiting for us on a bench under an almond tree with his trademark smile. After enjoying the shade and good conversation, Mark invited us to his restaurant for dinner. Having reviewed the potential menu options, we decided on coconut shrimp and curried snapper. After some more camaraderie on the beach, Mark departed to arrange for the ingredients and prepare our dinner.


We drove out of Silver Sands on a somewhat moonless night. When Prem turned off the highway, I thought we had missed a turn and were pulling into a wide spot on the road to turn around. I was wrong. We continued to the car park and found our way into Lindsay’s. It became obvious why I hadn't seen it from the road. The subdued lighting is provided by lamps hung from the sweet sop trees under which the various dining tables are arranged, a charming and magical set up; lovely, old school Jamaica, roots ambiance. I fell in love immediately. Lindsay’s place is the real deal, an atmosphere many places try to achieve and wind up simply being cheesy and embarrassing. It is truly a “locals-only” kind of place – right up my street (I was the only tourist there)!


As we made our way in, I was delighted to see a beloved and iconic local figure, Sunshine. Shine is a former pro cricket player who now makes his living as a conch fisherman. He is a wonderful part of the Silver Sands experience. We buy his conch on the beach, fresh off his boat, and the Endless Summer Villa chef, Chris, turns it into the most delicious conch fritters, and chowder I have ever tasted.


Shine is a picturesque part of the Silver Sands experience as he paddles his conch boat (which is a re-purposed old windsurfer) with a paddle that he carved from an old wooden plank. Prem and I have found that the weather and  wind forecasts provided by this lifetime waterman are often more accurate than  the fancy technology provided by our computers. This man loves the Caribbean Sea and makes his living on it. We invited Shine to join us.


I loved getting to know Shine better, hearing his stories, and partaking of the humble wisdom accrued by this gentle man of the sea from his years on the water.


When our food arrived, I was blown away. I have to admit that given the rustic and charming surroundings at Lindsay’s, I was expecting the usual, unexciting  presentation of local seafood. The plates that came out were visually worthy of any New York or Paris haute cuisine establishment - simply stunning!!! I was frankly amazed.

dishes at lindsays seafood 
Happy to say, appearances did not belie the fantastic flavours of the chef’s cooking. It was some of the best curried shrimp and coconut snapper I've ever tasted. Truly a five-star meal. The rustic island ambiance, wonderful staff, and our fellowship with Shine made the evening truly memorable.


fish dish


shrimp dish

Don't miss Lindsay’s while you are visiting Silver Sands. It is a culinary adventure in a magical spot. And who knows who you might run into?
menu with mark lindsay
Call up Lindsay’s, if you are staying at Silver Sands, and Mark will pick you up and then take you back to your accommodation after your meal at no charge. Telephone: 544 7192 or 775 9264


No minimum spend.

No minimum number of persons.


Menu Prices at November 2017 (exchange rate US$1 = J$125):

Shrimp J$1200 to J$1600

Fillet Fish J$1000

Whole Snapper J$1400 per pound

Conch J$1200

Octopus (aka sea cat) J$1300


Lindsay's located in Carey Park, Trelawny - very close to Silver Sands Jamaica.

google map where lindsay's is located

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