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Jamaica is a place of outstanding and varied natural beauty...
Mdesposti, UK, stayed Sep 2015.


Happy happy house. The ladies were awesome, the house was clean, the food was some of the best we've had in Jamaica...
Anne, USA, stayed Dec 2015.


...no one anticipated the care, attention, and experience of renting a home and enjoying every minute.
Hannoniv, USA, stayed Aug 2015.


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Jamaica Celebrates Emancipation Day on August 2

According to the release by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security,  Emancipation Day, which is normally celebrated on August 1, will be observed on Monday, August 2, this year.

The following is a release from the Ministry issued on Wednesday, July 21:

"The Ministry of Labour and Social Security wishes to advise members of the public that Emancipation Day 2010 will be observed on Monday, August 2, 2010. Independence Day 2010 will be observed on Friday, August 6, 2010.”

The change is in accordance with the provisions of the Holidays (Public General) Act, which states that “where the public holidays fall on a Sunday, they shall be observed on the following Monday."

History has it that many slaves journeyed to the hilltops on Friday, August 1, 1838 to witness the sunrise as a symbolic gesture to the new beginning in their lives. In the morning, large congregations joined in the Thanksgiving services, which were held in several chapels and churches across the island.

Today, Jamaicans continue to celebrate Emancipation Day through the reenactment of the reading of the Emancipation Declaration in town centres particularly, Spanish Town, St. Catherine which was the seat of Parliament when the Emancipation Act was passed in 1838.

Guests of Jamaica villas can expect most business places to be shut on Monday 2nd August, but the Villa Mart at Silver Sands Jamaica will be open for business as usual.

Jamaica Villas Happenings

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