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Jamaica is a place of outstanding and varied natural beauty...
Mdesposti, UK, stayed Sep 2015.


Happy happy house. The ladies were awesome, the house was clean, the food was some of the best we've had in Jamaica...
Anne, USA, stayed Dec 2015.


...no one anticipated the care, attention, and experience of renting a home and enjoying every minute.
Hannoniv, USA, stayed Aug 2015.


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Celebrate Valentine's Day in Jamaica 2011

Jamaica is the ultimate romantic destination and if you are already there on the island, here are some ways to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations extra special.

Spend some great moments in your Jamaica rental: Located in beautiful settings near the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica rentals like Silver Sands Villas provide you all the privacy, space and idyllic setting for a memorable day spent indoors with your loved one.

Go out for a special dinner: This might sound clichéd but it never fails to do the trick. Jamaica boasts a fair share of restaurants where you can enjoy an intimate meal in a romantic ambience with soulful music playing in the background.

Spend time on the beach: If you are staying in Silver Sands villas, the pristine white sand beach is right at your doorstep. Otherwise, you can check out the beaches in Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Montego Bay, which has recently been voted as the leading beach destination in the world.

Enjoy a concert: Jamaica hosts numerous Valentine’s concerts on Valentine’s Day in Kingston and Montego Bay, which you are sure to enjoy.

Spa treatments: Pamper yourself with spa treatments (massages and scrubs etc) together.

Watch your favourite movie: If you don’t wish to go out of your Jamaica villa, just pop in a DVD and get close and personal with your special person.

Singles night out: If you are single and with your friends, why not hit the town together and enjoy a party on the Hip Strip in Montego Bay?

Take a drive through the country: The island’s rugged country side is a treat to the senses so jump into the car and head out of town – to the hills, to the beach, or to a special spot.

See a play: Enjoy any of the numerous hilarious Jamaican plays in the playhouses in Kingston. Check the schedule and see what that suits your tastes.

Jamaica Villas Happenings




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