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Views of the Seaside of Ebb Tide Cottage in Silver Sands Jamaica

The seaside patio at Ebb Tide is the area where you are likely to spend most of your time when you are not at the beach or out exploring the many attractions that Jamaica has to offer. Furnished with tables and chairs and lounges, this is the place to relax and sunbathe while the trade winds blow in from the Caribbean Sea to caress and cool you down. The sea view is spectacular and the large open spaces are refreshing. All around, coconut trees punctuate the tropical landscape.

View of Ebb Tide Cottage from the North (seaside) in Silver Sands Jamaica.
north side of ebb tide

The Verandah and Patio with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea.
the patio and seaside of ebb tide

View of the seaside to the Gazebo on the Jetty. You will enjoy a quiet stroll along the shore to the other side of the Jetty where you will find the gorgeous white sand Swimming Beach, and the Patio and Club House Complex.
view of the seaside to the gazebo

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Living and Dining Room

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