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Transportation Services from Other Providers 
We are so confident that our prices are so competitive, that we invite you to check out other reputable transportation providers:



Coach Service
If you wish to travel by coach, check out the Knutsford Express, which services Montego Bay, Kingston, Falmouth, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio. Knutsford Express


We Want You to Be Safe
If you do hire other transportation, please ensure that the operators are properly licensed and insured and that their vehicles are safe. We have heard horror stories in which visitors have been injured in accidents only to find that there is no compensation to be had at all as the driver and vehicle were uninsured and the driver disappeared afterward. Beware of villa staff and other locals telling you that they know someone who can transport you cheaper! Are they reliable, honest, courteous, safe drivers who are properly licensed and insured? If so, why don't they have a proper contract?

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