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Falmouth Food Tour near Silver Sands Jamaica

main street falmouth

WINNER: The Most Authentic Jamaican Attraction 2017

  • Stroll through the streets of Falmouth, famous for its Georgian architecture.
  • Enjoy the sights and hustle 'n bustle of this busy town, while you sample Jamaica's creative cuisine, on the streets and in small restaurants.
  • Your very friendly, knowledgeable and professional guides will keep you smiling with interesting tales of the island's history and the important role that Falmouth and Trelawny played in shaping Jamaica.


pushcart alley

Puscharts and Higgler Stalls in a narrow stree near the Cruise Ship Port (Note, the cruise ship in the background)


The Falmouth Food Tour begins inside the Cruise Ship Port; and you will need your ID in order to enter this "Mini Falmouth", which is an enjoyable tourist attraction in its own right.


Falmouth cruise ship port
The Falmouth Cruise Ship Port


There's much to see in the Falmouth Cruise Ship Port - dancers, live bands, lots of art and crafts, restaurants and snack counters, and duty-free shopping.


cruise ship port with two ships
Two cruise ships, "MS Independence of the Seas" and "MS Liberty of the Seas", docked at the Port, towering over the red-roofed buildings.


coconut vendor in cruise ship port
Carlos, the coconut and sugar cane vendor, inside the Falmouth Cruise Ship Port.


When you leave the port, it's only a few yards before you enter the chaotic narrow streets of Falmouth.


escovitched fish vendor
A sidewalk vendor displays in a typical glass-fronted cabinet, her escovitched fish (fried and garnished with lots of onion, carrot, and scotch bonnet pepper), fried chicken, ackee, and festival.


push cart vendor
This vendor has packed her pushcart with a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including, cabbage, escallion, plantain, root ginger, pumpkin, otaheite/Jamaican apple, dried coconut, sweet peppers, yam, avocado, green bananas, limes, grapefruits, carrots, and more.


Your guide will safely lead you through the streets of Falmouth, pointing out historic sites, like the Albert George Shopping & Historical Centre, the Falmouth Court House, and the Baptist Mance which was formerly the residence of the preacher and abolition advocate, the Honourable William Knibb, OM. You will learn about the life and times in this area when sugar was king. 


fruits and vegetables on the push cart
How many of these can you recognise?


falmouth square with water fountain
Water fountain in Falmouth Square.


There will be several stops on the way where you may sample Jamaican cuisine. Most guests do not need lunch afterwards.


plate of jerk pork jerk chicken and festival
Tasty bites of Jamaican Jerk and Festival with vegetables.


coconut pushcart
Jelly Coconut (the ones you drink) cart.


fruits on a roadside stand
Fruit sidewalk stand. Top shelf laden with, from left naseberry, soursop, and otaheite apple. Bottom shelf with "jelly coconuts".


award most authentic jamaican tour


This walking tour lasts two to three hours, ending back on the Port where it started.

It's fun! You will learn a lot about Falmouth, Jamaica, the culture and, of course, the food. And you will leave with, as Jamaicans say, "yuh belly full".


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TripAdvisor Review (February 2018)
"A trusted friend suggested this to us, and I cannot thank him enough for the tip. From making the reservation to meeting at the port, to the tour itself the experience was excellent. Sanya and Shirley took great care with the group (13 total, 4 in our party). Beyond the educational aspects and the tastings - all of which were fabulous - the ladies demonstrated concern for our comfort and safety throughout the walk. If seeking an authentic look into the local culture and history - and of course some tasty bites - we highly recommend this to anyone with good walking shoes and an appetite. Great job Jamaica Culinary Tours!"