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Price Beat Guarantee on Jamaica Rentals - Jamaica Villas, Cottages & Apartments



Hi, I am Prem, and I want you to know that when you book with Mysilversands, you have my personal guarantee.

I personally inspect all the accommodation offered on this web site to ensure they meet our standards. I know how important it is that you get value for your money.

Here you will find the lowest prices.

I guarantee it!

I know what you are thinking - everybody says they have the lowest prices and everybody offers a guarantee.

But this is different!

I will Beat Any Valid* Lower Price and Give You a Further 5% Discount

If you are able to book any accommodation from anyone else including the Owner of the accommodation at a price lower than that offered on this web site, I will not only match that price, but I will go further and give you a 5% discount on that price when you make the booking through Mysilversands.

You cannot rent the same home from anyone else, including the owner, for less! 

How can I make such a claim?
I have a signed agreement with the Owner of each accommodation offered on this web site that states:

          "...the prices and conditions of rental agreed with Mysilversands Limited will be the same used by other parties, including the Owner."

The Mysilversands Price Beat Guarantee applies BEFORE and AFTER  you book, so you can book right now with confidence.
What does this mean? It's a simple process:

1. Before You Book
If you find a valid lower price before you make your booking, just tell us about it. Once verified that it is a valid price, we will match that price and give you a further 5% discount.

2. After You Book
If you have already booked the accommodation with us and later you fiind a valid lower price, just let us know. Once verified, we will match it and give you a further 5% discount. And there is no time limit. That's right - anytime up to your occupying the property, if you find a valid lower price, we will honour this Price Beat Guarantee.

The Price Beat Guarantee applies to the same accommodation with the same incidentals for the same travel dates.

All Jamaica Accommodation Rentals listed on this website carry this Mysilversands Price Beat Guarantee.


*Note: I am sorry to report that I have seen other Agents offering the same accommodation at Prices and Terms that have not been approved by their owners. Some other agents have not updated their web sites for years, thereby advertising outdated prices that are not valid. You cannot book the accommodation at those outdated prices, so they are not valid prices and my guarantee does not apply to those prices.