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A seaside villa vacation rental that is designed for guests requiring accessibility

  • Wheelchair Users
  • Persons who use walkers or other mobility equipment and aids

living room of tallawah
The Living Room with fabulous view of the Caribbean Sea. Note, the ramp to the bottom left in the photo above.

Tallawah Villa is situated on the seafront in the gated-community of Silver Sands Jamaica. This vacation villa is wheelchair accessible.

  • Ramps leading into the villa from the street
  • Ramp within the villa, making the ground floor fully accessible
  • Ramp from the villa leading down to the beach

ramp in the living room of tallawah
Note the ramp, on the right of the photo above, leading from the Dining Room to the Living Room.

ramp to beach
From the bedroom, the ramp leads down to the beach.

Tallawah is a luxurious two-storey villa, but, on the ground floor, there is a spacious bedroom designed and constructed to be accessible. Double doors lead into the bedroom, double doors lead into the en suite bathroom, and double doors lead outside to the ramp which slopes down to the seafront.

accessible bedroom

The fully accessible bathroom features a wheelchair accessible toilet with grab bar, and a roll-in shower with grab bars. There is sufficient space within the shower in which a wheelchair can completely turn around.

accessible shower

Should you require a nurse or health worker during your stay with us, Mysilversands will be very happy to put you in touch with qualified personnel who are available to provide part-time or full-time care and/or even stay over at the villa to be on call twenty-four hours per day.

Of course, guests with small children who use strollers also find the accessibility features of Tallawah Villa very useful.

tallawah villa on the sea front
The private swimming pool at Tallawah Villa, on the Caribbean Sea.

With private swimming pool, amazing sea views, cable television in every room, free wifi, and more, Tallawah Villa will provide your dream vacation. The dedicated staff of six, will keep the villa clean, and prepare and serve all meals. Disabled people can enjoy their beach vacation to the fullest when staying at Tallawah Villa in Silver Sands Jamaica.

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