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Starbucks to Add Blue Mountain Coffee to its Menu

The Wallenford Coffee Company Limited, a state-owned enterprise, is finalizing a deal with Starbucks Coffee Company according to which Jamaican coffee will be added to the menu in 55 of the international chain's 'high-end' stores.

Christopher Gentles, director general of the Coffee Industry Board (CIB), confirmed the deal and said that Starbucks is treating the placement as a pilot project and "if successful, they may spread to more establishments". It is to be noted that Starbucks has 4,800 coffee bars worldwide.

The programme will use a relatively small volume of coffee initially, Gentles said. "We trust that it will grow to be significant within the United States."

Over the years, Jamaica has been trying to break into the US market but has faced two hurdles. First, the majority of its coffee was committed to Japan, limiting volume supplies to new consuming nations, and second, the cost of the coffee, which is the most expensive in the world.

But Japan is now demanding 40 per cent less of the Jamaican beans, opening up opportunities for Jamaican dealers to enter into new contracts.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee enjoys the highest price and the highest rave factor among coffee connoisseurs. If you are in Jamaica and staying in Silver Sands villas, you can purchase the famed Blue Mountain Coffee at the Villa Mart where it is sold at a price that is less than that at the airport.

Jamaica Villas Happenings