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Why You Should Not Go to Jamaica Villas for Sex

When I saw Melissa about midday, I could tell from the look on her face that she was suffering from more than too much of everything the night before. She looked a wreck, and this was not helped by the short skirt and tight top designed to flatter a slim teenager, not a forty-something size sixteen.

Melissa wanted to use my phone in a hurry to call her debit card company back in the USA. At a club in Ocho Rios the night before, she had met a muscular young Jamaican guy, Ronnie, who partied with her late into the night. She then brought him back to her Jamaica villa for some more pleasure. She woke up to find that, not only was Ronnie missing, but so was her debit card and the few hundred dollars she had left in her purse.

By the time Melissa got through on the phone to her card provider and registered the theft, she was advised that the card was already used that morning to withdraw cash and pay for a fair bit of shopping in Montego Bay, all while she was still asleep.

How could this happen? Melissa told me that the night before, she was drunk and when she ran out of cash, Ronnie was so sweet that he offered to get the cash for her as the ATM was a fair distance away. So she told him her PIN number.

I don’t know if Melissa saw when I rolled my eyes skyward in disbelief, but this stupidity was surpassed by her next actions, that is attempting to find out from the card provider if there were any cameras that could have recorded the person who used her card fraudulently. Apparently she wanted proof of the culprit’s identity as she still could not believe so-sweet Ronnie would do such a thing.

This true story (the names and places have been changed to prevent those involved further embarrassment) is not isolated. Research has uncovered the fact that sex tourism in Jamaica is growing rapidly. Too often Melissa’s story is repeated when visitors go to stay in Jamaica villas for vacation sex with new acquaintances. Unlike hotels and resorts, guests can more easily take people they have just met back to their Jamaica accommodation rentals.

Jamaica villa owners do not want their guests taking strangers back to their properties. Guests often do not know the type of people with whom they are getting involved. A person who will steal from a guest will also steal from the Jamaica villas.

While some villa owners and agents shrug their shoulders, thinking this type of behaviour is inevitable, there are booking agents, like Mysilversands, who actively discourage this. Mysilversands and the home owners do not want persons who are not booked at the accommodation to stay there. And no one wants strangers that the guests have just met tramping through their properties.

Jamaica Villas Happenings