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Discover the Distinctive Cuisine of Jamaica

Jamaica’s diverse culture finds apt reflection in its distinctive cuisine. From haute to hot, the island’s cuisine is a blend of ingredients from around the world—curries and chutneys from India, fruits from Africa, garlicky sauces from Spain, dumplings from China and jams from England. Add to these, local cassava, chillies, spices and fruits and you have the perfect blend of cuisine to tempt any palate.

Jamaica’s chefs, amongst the best in the Caribbean, serve sumptuous meals of elegant French, Italian, and Continental dishes. Flavourful and varied, Jamaican culinary ideas are used by fine fusion restaurants around the world. However, ingredients are more authentic and fresher on the island.

Irresistible Jamaican dishes include grilled Caribbean lobster, red snapper, grouper and mahi-mahi served with lime sauce, and the island’s national dish, Ackee and salt fish. And of course, you have to try the Jamaican soups. Soups can be so hearty that they can replace entrees.

Jerk barbecue is the legendary flavour of Jamaica – spicy hot, mildly smoky, even a little sweet. It would be a shame to leave the island and not sample the jerk chicken, usually served with bread and your choice of pepper sauce.

Grilled fruits, vegetables, chicken, meats and shrimp presented “island style” make dining in Jamaica both entertaining and enjoyable. From fine dining to casual, the choice is yours.

What’s more, you can savour the choices of local dishes prepared by your very own chef in your beautiful Jamaica villas. However, should you wish to eat out, browse through our pages to know about restaurants and eateries that serve the best Jamaican fare.

Jamaica Villas Happenings