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Visit the Attractions of Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston, the capital of Jamaica is also the country’s art and culture hub. Home to numerous dance troupes, theatres, and museums, Kingston reflects the best of Jamaica—wonderful cultural mix—more aptly than any other place on the island. As the Jamaicans put it, "You don't really know Jamaica until you know Kingston."

If you are visiting Kingston, here are some attractions that you can explore.

The Bob Marley Museum
This historic two-story house was both the home and recording studio of the reggae legend. The guided tour will take you through his bedroom and other rooms wallpapered with magazine and newspaper articles that showcase his rise to stardom. The tour also includes a 20-minute biographical film. You can also browse through exhibits featuring items from Marley's recording career. A striking mural by Jah Bobby, ‘The Journey of Superstar Bob Marley’ depicts the legend’s life. There is also a medicinal herb garden that is worth seeing.

National Gallery
The gallery showcases the works of Jamaican masters such as intuitive painter John Dunkley, and Edna Manley, a sculptor who worked in a cubist style. The Reggae fans can appreciate Christopher Gonzalez's controversial statue of Bob Marley.

Port Royal
Just south of Kingston is Port Royal, the former capital of Jamaica. It was called "the wickedest city in Christendom" until an earthquake brought about its demise and much of it was submerged into the sea in 1692. The spirits of Henry Morgan and other buccaneers add energy to what remains. A ferry from the square in downtown Kingston goes to Port Royal at least twice a day. However, you can also arrive by road and also pass by several other sights, including remains of old forts virtually overgrown with vegetation, an old naval cemetery (which has some intriguing headstones), and a monument commemorating Jamaica's first coconut tree, planted in 1863, although there is no tree there now.

Devon House
Built in 1881, Devon House was bought and restored by the government in the 1960s. You can take a guided tour to see the interior of the two-story mansion, which was built with a South American gold miner's fortune. The house is filled with period furnishings, such as Venetian crystal chandeliers and period reproductions. The grounds also house some of the island's best crafts shops.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings