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Jamaica Hosts February 2011 Regional Under-17 Football Championships

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) received a huge boost yesterday when the sport's regional governing body, CONCACAF, announced that the country would be hosting February 2011 regional Under-17 Championships. The event is expected to give a huge boost to the already flourishing tourist industry in Jamaica.

The Championships will facilitate the qualification of four teams from the region for the 2011 FIFA Under-17 World Cup that was held in Mexico from June 18 - July 10.

JFF president, Captain Horace Burrell, expressed his appreciation for CONCACAF's decision and said that the tournament would push the development of football in the western parishes.

"A short while ago (yesterday) CONCACAF confirmed that Jamaica is selected as the host country for the CONCACAF Under-17 Football qualifiers which will take place between February 12 and 28 next year. I am extremely pleased with this decision as it will certainly help to give a fillip to western football development which, in recent times, has been facing numerous challenges," he said.

Hosting the 12-nation tournament in Jamaica would also give a strong boost to the tourism industry. Jamaica accommodation, including villas, cottages and Jamaica apartments, transportation and hospitality industries will benefit to the tune of J$70-100 million.

Participating countries for the qualifiers will include the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and Trinidad & Tobago.

Jamaica Villas Happenings