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Addressing the Budget Debate in the House of Representatives, the Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, summed up the contribution of tourism to 2010-2011 by saying that "the only certainty is uncertainty".

In the face of the recent world economic crisis, tourism has taken its toll in many tourism dependent nations. However, Jamaica's tourism continues to compete with the world's best and can safely claim the title "vanguard of tourism initiatives" in the English-speaking Caribbean.

It is just not the trajectory of the Jamaica Tourist Board's marketing programme that needs to be commended. One has to take into account the efforts that have been taken to capitalise on technological tools through website enhancement and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of which are available on smartphones.

The Minister further added: “When tourism distribution systems are evolving and the travel supply chain faces major restructuring, marketers must be prepared to adapt to the consumer behaviour of new markets and supplement traditional methods with contemporary, cutting-edge approaches.”

One such contemporary approach is the availability of a wide range of Jamaica accommodation, including Jamaica villas, cottages and Jamaica apartments as a better alternative to hotels. These Jamaica rentals provide the visitors with a more personalized experience on the island and that too at very affordable costs.

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