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Treasure Beach Community Promotes Jamaica

Tourism is one of the most powerful industries in Jamaica and though the government continues to make efforts to promote it worldwide, the people too are doing their bit to attract visitors to the island. One recent example is the people of Treasure Beach who have made special efforts to make the area a major tourist destination.

Their efforts have been lauded by the Prime Minister Bruce Golding who said "The growth of this community, the extent to which its name has gone abroad and has become such a unique attraction for visitors to Jamaica is partly due to the ownership that the people of Treasure Beach have taken, and how they protect it and make sure that it is not abused."

He was speaking on the occasion of the opening of the BREDS Treasure Beach Sports Park on Saturday. He also reiterated that the Government would continue to support this endeavour and that the other communities should also take inspiration from their efforts.

He said the facility that is geared towards sport tourism "has tremendous potential for continued development of the area, bringing benefit to the community and providing new adventure for so many people to benefit".

A recent report shows that Jamaica has led the entire Caribbean region from tourism recession. Infact the island takes all possible steps to ensure that the visitors are happy and satisfied and come back for repeat visits as also share their experiences with their family and friends. One such effort is the easy availability of Jamaica rentals comprising private Jamaica villas, cottages and Jamaica apartments to provide the visitors all the privacy and comfort they could hope for during their stay on the island.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings