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Tourism Back on Track in Jamaica

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has expressed satisfaction with the progress of the tourism industry in Jamaica and has said that tourism sector is back on the path of growth in record time, following the downturn that resulted from the unrest in Western Kingston in May when attempts were being made to capture Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke.

Bartlett said that though there was some decline in the number of visitors in May and June, the figures for July and August showed that they were both record months. He also pointed out that the figure for the first five days in September is positive, showing a 10 percent increase.

Bartlett, in an interview with the Jamaica Information Service, said "I am proud of the work that the industry partners and my team in the Ministry, including the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB), have done to cauterize this fallout and put us back on a growth path in record time."

In fact he felt that the bounce back in record time was really amazing and that “When our public relations and marketing team came back to us indicating how the market was responding to the incidents in Jamaica, we really thought it was not going to be possible for us to come back in nine months,” he said. “We projected, in fact, that we would have lost some 10 percent of our business for the year, which would have brought us into a negative position for the end of the year.”

He felt that the recovery could be attributed to the fact that the Ministry moved quickly and the Government provided additional budget support so that Jamaica was able to satisfy the marketplace that the destination was safe. In his words, "We were able to move with alacrity in the market and to pull back much of the lost space that we had. More importantly, we were able to satisfy our partners that Jamaica was on a game changing path and that what we were doing was going to make the destination a safer and better place."

Meanwhile the island is all geared up to welcome the tourists for the approaching high season, which falls between December to April. However, those visiting the island during the months of September and October can take advantage of special discounts being offered by Silver Sands Jamaica. Also, if you are travelling with family or friends, staying in Jamaica rentals, villas, cottages and Jamaica apartments can be prove to be a highly affordable option.

Jamaica Villas Happenings