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Construction for Harmony Cove to Start in 2011

The construction of the ambitious Harmony Cove is finally expected to go underway in 2011.  Though the project has been delayed by two years by the global meltdown, the construction of the mega-sized casino resort in Trelawny on Jamaica's North Shore will start next year.

John Brady, who represents the project's senior partner, John Lewis' Tavistock Group, said in an interview "Subject to the timing of financing, construction is expected to begin in 2011." The group is estimated to have already put US$100 million into the project.

Dr Lorna Simmonds, executive director of Harmonisation Ltd, echoed Brady’s confidence by saying "We will be starting construction by next year. All partners on either side are comfortable with this fact."

Harmony Cove which was conceptualised early in the decade will be spread across 2,300 acres of mostly beach-front property, which the Jamaican Government ceded as Harmonisation Ltd, as part of its capital in the deal.

The development will include 4,500 hotel rooms, 500 residential units, nightclubs, golf courses, a marina and other entertainment facilities. However, the early phase of construction will start with 2,000 hotel rooms, the development of which has been given impetus with Jamaica's recent passage of legislation that will make large, hotel-based casinos legal.

Harmony Cove is very near Silver Sands Jamaica, separated from it by a beach-front property slated for hotel development as well. Guests and property owners of Silver Sands villas have mixed feelings about the development and are waiting to see how it progresses.

Jamaica Villas Happenings