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Water Square in Falmouth to be Pedestrian-Only Zone

Water Square, the economic epicentre of the North Coast town of Falmouth, Trelawny, is to be converted to a pedestrian only zone. The step will give a huge boost to the tourist industry in the town.

As part of the plan, vehicular traffic will not be allowed from the square and some adjoining streets. The parish council is also trying to shift the centre of commerce to the Market Street area, which will undergo major re-development to complement the construction of two First-World piers at the entrance to the town.

Most business operators are happy with the decision but felt that the implementation could be better organized in that the infrastructure in Market Square area should be developed first. These problems not withstanding, people understand that this step would definitely increase tourism in the area and mean more business for them.

People dealing in wholesale business have been advised to shift to more tourist-friendly businesses such as running souvenir shops etc. In fact, Dennis Seiveright, Trelawny Chamber of Commerce, suggested that business owners re-examine their operations to see how they can position their businesses to take advantage of some of these opportunities.

"You can have a business, for example, that is a wholesale and you believe that the wholesale business is not the prudent business for a pedestrianised square. So you convert it, you flip over to a gift shop for tourists and you find that you four times your earnings. That is the kind of mindset we thinking about," he said.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings