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Tourism Conference Boosts Interest In Jamaica

Reports are suggesting that Kingston and the rest of the island of Jamaica has greatly benefited from hosting the 19th Caribbean Media Exchange conference.

Bevan Springer, the organiser of the annual tourism meeting spoke to the Jamaica Observer and said that having the nation’s capital city – rather than one of its traditional holiday resorts – host the event has done the country a multitude of favours.

Delegates from North America who were in attendance at the conference were singing the praises of the Caribbean nation, which could mean more flights to Jamaica are sought out by people wishing to return to the country.

Mr Springer says: “Many delegates came wondering why we chose Kingston, but the feedback we have been getting from them is that it has been incredible. It was a great thing to change the scenery to a capital which is so rich in culture.”

Jamaica is playing host to a large number of events taking place in the coming months, including the 50th Anniversary of Reggae Music Festival and the 2010 Health, Home and Garden Expo.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings