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Will It Be The Ian Fleming Airport?

In May 2010, when Jimmy Buffett flew the first flight into the new Boscobel Aerodrome in Jamaica he hinted that the island will name this, its newest airport, after Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond. The $300 million airport, due to open in December 2010, will cater for private jets.

The country hopes the airport, combined with Jamaica rentals and other newly opened entertainment options and casinos will attract more tourists to the island. It is interesting that Jamaica has embraced international marketing fully and abandoned the once fashionable practice of naming airports after local politicians and other local celebrities, who mean nothing to prospective visitors. The Ian Fleming Airport will certainly create a buzz as everyone knows who Ian Fleming was and the James Bond series has been the most successful in the World. That brand of glamour and luxury can only benefit Jamaica by association.

In fact, Tourism minister Edmund Bartlett said that the country already had the budget and middle market covered and now they want to focus on the rich clients. It is precisely because of this Jamaica is “Upgrading infrastructure, improving shopping, and various other projects to achieve this.” The minister also added that they are making a $1 billion investment to achieve this aim.

The introduction of casinos had initially earned the wrath of the church. However, the country remained united in wanting to introduce gaming to woo the tourists. Commenting on this Bartlett said, “We are bringing gaming to the country for the first time because big emerging markets such as Asia want casinos.”

Bartlett also emphasised the focus on the meetings and events market with the new Montego Bay Convention Centre opening next year in time for the 2011 Marketplace.

He also said Jamaica would be centre stage during the London Olympics in 2012, riding on the back of sprint superstar Usain Bolt. This would provide a huge momentum to the travel industry.

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Jamaica Villas Happenings