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Mysilversands New Accommodation Comparison Tool

Mysilversands has launched its very own Accommodation Comparison Tool to simply the process of finding the ideal accommodation unit based on prices and facilities offered.

Recently the use of comparison web sites has skyrocketed as savvy consumers look for the best deals online. People have become very aware that the same or similar products are available at vastly different prices from different suppliers. Research has confirmed that today's customers hate to pay more than they should for any product or service, so it is no surprise that comparison web sites have mushroomed.


Vacation rentals pose an even greater problem for customers as private accommodation units are all different. Each villa or cottage has its own features, décor, location, etc. Browsing listings to compare prices and features on even a shortlist can be a daunting task, and more demanding on time than many customers are willing to spend. Mysilversands has come to the rescue with its Accommodation Comparison Tool.

To ensure that customers can book the best accommodation unit based on their personal preferences, they can compare three units at a time, using the Mysilversands Accommodation Comparison Tool (ACT).

The ACT is easy to use. Simply select three properties and click the Compare button. Customers will then be shown a tabular representation that compares the facilities offered for the three units. Based on their preferences, customers can then click the 'Go to full details' button to visit the page that shows the property in detail.

If the customer does not want any of those three compared, it is easy to click the link to select another three units to compare. This can be three different units from the ones originally selected or the customer can de-select one or two of the ones originally selected and add other units in place. The process can be repeated until the customer has made a final decision. And, for each property, the full details with lots of photographs are always just one click away.

The ACT helps people save time and narrow their search by selecting the accommodation features that are important to them. Says Prem Chadeesingh, Director, Mysilversands, "We offer a lot of Jamaica accommodation with different amenities and prices to suit every budget. We understand that customers have certain preferences and requirements. To help them with their search, we have introduced the Accommodation Comparison Tool that helps them do a comparative study of three units at a time so that they can make an informed decision before booking a particular Jamaican rental."

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