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Jamaica Woos Visitors From India

A recent report published in the newspaper, The Times of India, states that many international tourism boards, including the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) are queuing up at India’s doorstep to offer exotic locales to the Indians who are now willing to spend lavishly on their holidays. Take the following example.

indian couple at silver sands jamaica

Atul Mahajan (name changed), who owns retail jewellery outlets across the country, chose to forgo the usual destinations in favour of Jamaica for a unique holiday experience. The couple who have two small children opted for Jamaica and chose to stay in family-friendly Jamaican rentals that offered them childcare facilities. Talking about his holiday, Atul said that the island was exceptional and gave them ample opportunity to indulge in water sports and soak up the sun on their splendid private beach and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

India came out relatively unscathed from the recession. Added to this is the fact that people have witnessed an impressive increase in their disposable incomes. The evolved Indian vacationers are no longer interested in done-to-death destinations and are looking for more exotic destinations for unique experiences. Jamaica fits the bill given the fact that the Caribbean still remains an unchartered holiday territory for the Indian visitors. It is a fact that Indians like properties like Silver Sands Jamaica, as Mysilversands has already witnessed an increase in bookings from those nationals who have made the United States and Canada their home.

Given the Indian propensity to throw around money and the fact that more and more Indians are willing to try out something new, the JTB, like other international tourism boards, are looking for their share in the India growth story.

Recent estimates from the United Nations World Tourism Organization show that outbound travel from India is likely to grow five times to 50 million people by 2020 as compared to 10 million currently. Another study shows that Indians are now among the top spenders when they holiday abroad and are even ahead of some of their European counterparts.

 indian woman kayaking at silver sands villas jamaica

Indians, who were previously prudent about their spendings, are opening up their purses to splurge on entertainment, cuisines, spas and shopping. They are no longer willing to compromise on their travel experience and want the best of what is on offer. It is little wonder then, instead of opting for traditional hotel stays they are looking for more personalized experiences, something more on the lines offered by private rentals and holiday homes. And Jamaica prides itself in offering a complete range of Jamaican villas, cottages and Jamaican apartments to suit all tastes and pockets.

Jamaica Villas Happenings