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Jamaica Tourism Minister Appoints New Advisory Team

Jamaica's Tourism Minister, Ed Bartlett, has appointed a nine member Tourism Advisory Council comprising the country’s most successful tourism and business professionals to shape and implement policies for the tourism industry.

The team will suggest policies for the mapping and implementation of a long term policy direction for the tourism sector. It will also address global, regional and local issues to further promote visitor activity.

The first meeting of the council is scheduled to take place as early as the beginning of the new year.

Commenting on the visitor arrival this winter season Bartlett said that Jamaica is among the top three countries in the world with the highest tourism arrival figures for this year. He also emphasized that despite the global recession the island’s tourism product not only survived but did extremely well.

For this he credited all the stakeholders for improving the quality of the product, adjustments to pricing and an increase in tourism attractions.

The High Season is witnessing an increased level of tourist activity and going by the current numbers, the performance may well exceed expectations. Meanwhile, Jamaican rentals including Silver Sands Villas, Jamaica, too are witnessing a phenomenal level of interest in the unique accommodation experiences they are offering.

Jamaica Villas Happenings