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Jamaica to Promote Medical Tourism

Jamaica is aiming to promote medical tourism in the rural regions of Jamaica which is rich in medicinal plants. As part of the efforts, two volunteer ambassadors for the Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) Meet the People programme, Tony and Wendy Freckleton, are enthusiastically promoting plans to construct a number of Jamaica villas in the community to accommodate those visitors who are interested in learning more about the over 120 wild medicinal plants scattered throughout the lush vegetation in the area.

Mr Freckleton feels that there is a growing market for medical tourism on the island, especially for doctors and researchers who want to study these medicinal plants.


As part of the promotional plan, a museum will also be set up shortly with properly labelled medicinal plants on display. Guided tours will also be available for the visitors.

He further informed that the universities would be able to send their staff and students to the island, who could find accommodation in the Jamaica villas communities.

Visitors also would get lots of opportunities to meet the locals and interact with them.

Meanwhile the High Season on the island has started on a happy note with the first weekend registering more visitors than ever in the past few years. The severe winter in Europe is seeing people flock to warmer climes, and going by the numbers, Jamaica seems to be one of the favourite destinations.

Jamaica Villas Happenings