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Warm Welcome Greets Voyager of the Seas on its Maiden Voyage to Falmouth, Jamaica


Jamaica and Falmouth were at their best when the Voyager of the Seas came calling on its maiden voyage to the newly constructed pier. The 3,000 cruise-ship passengers couldn’t have asked for a more unique experience when they saw hundreds of persons waving and cheering as they came into the port.


Trust Jamaica to do things in style for this is not the kind of welcome people anywhere in the world think of when they embark on a modern cruise. It was Jamaica to the world, and straight from the heart of Trelawny, Falmouth.

It took five years of hard work and planning to get the Falmouth pier up and running and the welcome that the Voyager of the Seas received was the perfect answer to the pessimistic soothsayers who predicted that everything would go wrong.

The passengers who alighted were greatly touched by the welcome and expressed their desire to see Falmouth’s “Georgian architecture", ensuring that the walking tour of the town was already a winner.

But it was an unscheduled interruption to the formalities by a group of dancers that took the center stage and before long the formal function turned into a lively impromptu Jamaican party as the officials, including the dignitaries present trotted out their best.

The opening of the Falmouth pier and the spectacular response the cruise ship has got have raised the hopes of all the stakeholders of the hospitality industry in Jamaica, and more specifically Jamaica rentals like Silver Sands villas within immediate vicinity are likely to benefit from the influx of tourists.


Jamaica Villas Happenings