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Reggae Film Festival in Jamaica

The Reggae Film Festival has announced the staging of the 2011 event to be held in New Kingston, Jamaica from May 23rd to 27th, 2011. Those who wish to enjoy the festival can plan their trip during this period and can book their accommodation in Jamaica rentals well in time.

The tradition of the festival was established three years back by the Jamaica Film Academy. Since its inception, the event has grown in popularity and every year attracts productions from all over the world. These films depict various aspects of Jamaican culture, music and history and the ways in which this music culture has impacted the world.

Aside from films, visitors can enjoy other events such as premieres, seminars, competitions, new digital media work, live music performances and other star-studded gala events.

It was in the year 1972 that Jamaica’s first feature film “THE HARDER THEY COME” exposed reggae to the world on its soundtrack. Since then, a growing number of films have been made about Jamaica’s reggae music and culture.

In 2008, these films were collectively showcased in the first ever Reggae Film Festival. The event was organized by the Jamaica film academy with screenings in Kingston spread over a period of five days.

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