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Blue Moon Villa in Silver Sands Jamaica - the Perfect Vacation Villa

Whenever you go on vacation the excitement of freeing yourself from ordinary, mundane life is always laced with a sense of dreadful apprehension that your vacation accommodation may not quite be what you are expecting.  Let’s face it; even if your Jamaica villa is a tiny bit pokey, grubby or simply not decorated to your taste, you’ll be awash with disappointment that your dreams of a beautiful vacation palace are shattered. However, it can happily be said that when people stay at the Blue Moon villa they do not feel the smallest pang of discontent. They are too busy gazing at the idyllic vacation villa that they have always desired in which they are now staying.

grand master bedroom of blue moon villa in silver sands jamaica

Blue Moon is a sprawling modern villa sprinkled with period features, such as gorgeous high beamed ceilings and a pillared porch. Its five large bedrooms means the whole family has plenty of space to kick back and relax, though the female family members are usually most thrilled at the luxury of having five gleaming bathrooms; because it means that everyone gets one to themselves! The house even has its own private pool, over which kids usually jump for joy, and entertainment room with a bar and a TV. However the TV does not need to be switched on much; as the whole family is too occupied with the magic of Jamaica and exciting excursions that are on offer! Sitting on the roof top deck and watching the Jamaican sunset blaze the sky peach, violet and salmon is much more fascinating than any TV set.

entrance to blue moon villa silver sands jamaica  pool and sea view of blue moon villa silver sands jamaica

The bedrooms are fantastic, with stunning views of the white beach and cornflower blue sea. The neutral colour scheme ensures that the decoration looks tasteful and light. The beds are so comfy and the atmosphere so calm that as soon as your head hits the pillow you cascade into a blissful sleep, something people miss out on a lot when they are busy being a parent, working full time and living in the city. A Silver Sands Jamaica villa is just the right place to relieve oneself from all stress of home and just submerse into relaxation.

balcony at blue moon villa silver sands jamaica  blue moon villa living room

It is especially lovely to have staff with a cook to look after everyone, which is often a great relief for parents. Instead of slogging away at washing dishes, ironing and tidying up after the kids they get to unwind on the veranda with a book and enjoy some much needed family time at the beach. All the staff are incredibly attentive and friendly, everything they do is to the highest standard. The food they prepare is utterly delicious, the brownies are chocolaty, oozing lumps of heaven and the banana bread is to die for. No one can say they regret putting the weight back on that they lost for their bikini diet.

entertainment room at blue moon villa silver sands jamaica  pool table at blue moon villa silver sands jamaica

The beach is only a ten minute walk away, through lovely Jamaican scenery. It is safe to say, there is nothing quite like a Jamaican beach. They’re even more breathtaking in real life than the ones you see in the movies, with ice white sands, crystal clear seas and towering palm trees.

bedroom 5 of blue moon in silver sands villas jamaica  bedroom 4 at blue moon villa in jamaica silver sands

bedroom 3 of blue moon at silver sands villas jamaica  bedroom 2 at blue moon villa silversands jamaica

The Silver Sands Jamaica accommodation is absolutely perfect.  No one could wish for a better vacation location in Jamaica or anywhere else, nor could their family - everyone loves Blue Moon villa!  


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