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Distances from Silver Sands Villas, going East


. . . if you drive from Silver Sands heading East

Remember to drive on the left.

The two most popular destinations East of Silver Sands are Dunn's River Falls (approximately 30 miles) and Ocho Rios (approximately 34 miles).

If you are touring the North Coast you may want to stop at some of these other places. We provide the following information without making any recommendation about the quality or suitability of their products or services. We welcome your feedback if you wish to share your experiences with us. Distances given to the nearest mile or kilometer.


Destinations Miles Kilometers
Duncans 1 2
Dewar Health Centre 2 3
Harmony Hall Farm 3 5
Leon Francis, Wood Carver on Braco hill 4 6
Braco Stables for horseback riding and Wood Carvers at Braco 4 7
"Plane Stop" roadside bar 5 8
"Arawak Cave Sunset Joint" 5 8
Braco Grand Lido Hotel (9 hole golf course) 6 10
Rio Brac Rest Stop 7 11
Yow Rest Stop 7 11
Joe James Art Gallery & Lobster Bowl Restaurant 7 11
Rio Bueno Town Centre 7 12
Kaiser Bauxite Pier 12 20
Tretzel Medical Centre (drugs & doctors) 13 21
Discovery Bay Town Centre 13 21
Green Grotto Caves & Lagoon 15 24
Runaway Bay Town Centre 18 28
Breezes Golf & Beach Resort (18 hole golf course) 18 29 
L & M Meats & Deli 20 31
Cranbrook Flower Forest 23 36
Chukka Cove Polo Club (Horse Back Riding) 24 38
Priory- Head inland to Sleepy Hollow Park , a great place to learn about the Arawak Indians and Jamaican flora. Children will love it. 25 41 
New Sevilla Heritage Park 26 42
Round-a-bout at St. Ann's Bay: Hospital1 km or 5/8 mile from the round-a-bout 26 42
The Mug Restaurant & Bar (on the water's edge) 27 43
St. Ann's Bay Polo Club & Equestrian Centre 29 47 
Dunn's River Falls and Park 30 48
Helitours- Aerial Tours & Charters 33 53
Reynold's Pier (now used as a cruise ship dock, also used in the James Bond film, "Dr. No." Remember the installation that was blown up at the end of the film? 34 54
Ocho Rios- Ruins Restaurant (stop and look at the waterfalls even if you don't want to dine there, but they do serve good Chinese food) 34 54
Shaw Park Gardens- Head inland at Ocho Rios traffic lights 34 55
Fern Gully- 2 miles of winding road, really a paved riverbed with many exotic ferns growing naturally and tall trees touching overhead. 36 58


All distances are approximate.
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