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More About Endless Summer Villa in Silver Sands Jamaica

Sunrise from the Balcony at Endless Summer:

Further Details:

In case of a power failure, a standby generator automatically trips in and powers the WHOLE house including ALL air-condition units and refrigerators. 

The living room is equipped with a large bar unit featuring 2 separate drinks refrigerators.

The villa is designed to take advantage of the cooling effect of the wonderful sea and land breezes. A very wide shutter opens up the living room to the sea breeze, making this the only doorway that is not practical to be screened.

The upstairs master bedroom features a spacious balcony which overlooks the Caribbean Sea and a 59 inch X 92 inch picture window facing East. Many consider this the best view from a bedroom at Silver Sands.

The private plunge pool and mini-pool are both solar-heated. The water is circulated up to solar panels on the roof. On sunny days, the solar heating will take the chill off the plunge pool and the mini-pool can get very hot. Note, this area is open to the Living Room. Children must be supervised at all times. There is limited lounge space around the pools, so most guests lounge in the shade of the living room or downstairs on the beach or in the shade of the many coconut trees.

Bathrobes, Two Yoga Mats & Two Blocks, light dumbells and a barbell with weights by The Firm, and a Powerline PFID125X Flat Incline Decline Folding Exercise Bench.

Please inquire to obtain permission to bring pets. Well-behaved pets that do not go on any of the furniture may be permitted. Note, that the Management of Silver Sands Estates requires pet owners to clean up after their pets. Dogs must be kept on a leash. You will be held responsible for any damages caused by your pets. You must get prior permission to bring your pets. If you do bring your pets without prior permission, you may not be permitted entyry to Silver Sands and Endless Summer Villa.

Cable television (reception usually fine but not guaranteed), Telephone, MP3 player connection for stereo.

Free Wifi throughout the villa.
While conditions beyond our control may affect the wifi delivery, Endless Summer has done its best to ensure there is service in every room at the villa by providing two ISPs - Flow network on the ground level and Lime network on the upper level. So even if one network were to fail, there is still another netowk to provide wifi service. Additionally, there are two range extenders - one on each level - to spread the signals everywhere thoughout the villa. 

Child-friendly villa with optional Safety Pool Fence, Crib, High Chair, 192 inch Super Wide Gate and Play Yard, Children's Toys, Swing on the beach. 

Hammocks, Barbecue, lounge chairs.

Fully equipped kitchen with two large refrigerators, industrial 6 burner stove, microwave oven, and an array of small appliances.

Wheelchair ramp installed from road to ground level of the villa, and three removable wheelchair ramps available to make the entire ground floor level (bedrooms, living and dining room) easier to access. Note there are no wheelchair accessible toilets or showers at Endless Summer.

Please inquire about hosting your special event, birthday party, vow renewal, etc. at Endless Summer Villa. 


How to Check-In and Check-Out at Endless Summer 

Watersports Equipment

Child-Friendly Facilites at Endless Summer.

Wheelchair Accesibility & Facilites at Endless Summer.

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Endless Summer on the beach

Views from Endless Summer Villa

Plunge Pool and Mini-Pool

The Living and Dining Room

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