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Endless Summer Villa - Mosquito Protection

Endless Summer strives to ensure your vacation is comfortable and safe. Lately, mosquitoes have been stealing the limelight, making news headlines around the World about the dangers of diseases they may carry - especially ZIKV or Zika Virus, and dengue.

Insect screens are fitted to ALL windows at Endless Summer Villa. All doorways are also protected except for the front entrance door and the large motorised shutter door from the living room to the pool deck.

It is recommended that the front entrance door be kept closed when not in use. However, even if insects were to get into the villa through the front door, there are internal screens to prevent insects from getting to the bedrooms.

Endless Summer was designed to bring the outdoors inside and make the Living and Dining Area an extension of the Pool Area. Putting a screen at the large doorway from the Living Room to the Pool Deck would destroy this ambiance. Therefore, insects may enter this area but they will be attracted to an indoor bug killer (there is also one outside the building), and there is a "Bug Off" screen that protects the doorway to the Circulation Area. So if bugs do get into the Living and Dining Room, they can go no further - they cannot go into the Circulation Area and to the bedrooms.

"Bug Off" insect screen from the Circulation Area to the Living Room.
insect screen from circulation area to living room

Also, there are five ceiling fans and two portable tower fans in the Living and Dining Room. These help to keep the area cool and blows away insects.

On the Upper Level, the wide doorway from Bedroom 5 to the Balcony is also protected by a screen. And mosquito nets over the beds are also available. 

"Bug Off" insect screen from the Bedroom 5 to the Balcony. Over-bed mosquito nets are available.
mosquito net and bug off screen in bedroom 5

In addition to the above precautions, Endless Summer provides Vape Mats FREE in every bedroom. However, there is no substitute for you, our guest, to be vigilante in keeping the "Bug Off" screens properly closed and unscreened doorways closed when not in use. Also, use the Vape Mats, personal insect repellant, and over-bed mosquito nets.

And while this may be considered "over the top", Amazon and other retailers offer many products that can be worn to offer protection from insects. Here are a couple of examples: Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Nets and Sea to Summit Bug Jacket

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