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Endless Summer Villa - On the Beach

Endless Summer Villa is on the beach at Silver Sands Jamaica. So take advantage of that fabulous location and enjoy the seafront. Note, the seafront is a common area. If you wish to use this area for an event, you must secure permission from the Management of Silver Sands.

view of endless summer in relation to the beachfront

Sunset and sunrise on the beachfront at Endless Summer:
lynn on the seafront at sunset
seafront with coconuts

lynn on beachfront at sunrise

Relax in a hammock in the shade of coconut trees or under the cabana or on one of the many lounge chairs.
seafront at endless summer with hammocks, lounge chairs, thatched cabana

Swings and lounge chairs on the beachfront.
swings and lounge chairs on the beach front at endless summer

Apart from the coconut trees, a Cabana provides additional shade on the sea front at Endless Summer.
lounge chairs and cabana on the sea front

Sway in a hammock, in the breeze.
enjoy a hammock, swaying in the breeze on the beachfront at Enless Summer.
2 girls in hammock with coconuts

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