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Fisherman's Beach, More


It's quite alright if you do not shop. You will not find a great variety of merchandise as it's no shopping mall. But the sea breeze will cool you down, and you will have a unique shopping experience. Each little zinc covered shack is owned and operated by an individual who is eager to please. Talk to them and look at their offerings: carvings, straw hats, straw bags, t-shirts, beach dresses for ladies and children, paintings, jewellery, etc.

at the fisherman's beach, the boats and fish pots are lined up on the store

(Photos copyright of Mysilversand Villas Jamaica)

You wil not regret taking a stroll over to the Fisherman's Beach. But right now, take a look at a Map of the Fisherman's Beach and tour the Shops.

Duncans Public Swimming Beach
Photos of the Fisherman's Beach