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Honeymoon at Queen's Cottage in Silver Sands Jamaica in 1955


I've been keeping up with the info you've sent Paul Rivers and can give you a little background on the honeymoon which my wife, Pamela, and I spent at the Queens Cottage in 1955.

At that time the development of Silver Sands was only just beginning and I doubt there were more than maybe 12 cottages there built round a small central facility.

Our present Queen Elizabeth had, as you know, made a brief stopover when she was on a visit to Jamaica------she officially 'opened' The Queens Highway between Rio Bueno and Discovery Bay (Dry Harbour on older maps!). It replaced a really horrendous road which ran inland between those two towns, unmetalled and potholed beyond your imagination.

The development was in 1955 run by a couple called Huggins. From Trinidad I believe.

Pam and I were married in Montego Bay from where we drove over to Silver Sands in a tiny British car from a convivial Wedding Reception which (my wife reminds me whenever the subject comes up) I was reluctant to leave.

You asked what people spent their time doing then, before TV, etc. Well, fortunately I have a good memory (I need it at my age) and I can say that 'etc' would be what we did mostly. Being on honeymoon I doubt we would have seen much television--even if there was such a thing available then!


pam rimmer at queens cottage pam rimmer on silver sands beach in 1955


My black and white shot attached indicates that the Queens Cottage has been extensively done over and probably enlarged. Pam and I will look forward to checking it out again. The Hollywood Starlet perched on the balcony in glamorous swimsuit is indeed that lady I took to Silver Sands in April 1955!

I do believe there were other guests but I have no recollection of meeting them-----I'm afraid we were too much wrapped up in the beautiful time we ourselves were having!!

To while away what idle moments there were I recall that I took to read a Penguin paperback of Charles Dickens novel 'Great Expectations'!

Now, in 2000, we are keenly anticipating revisiting Silver Sands in company of at least a goodly portion of our offspring, their mates and their own children!

Peter Rimmer, England.
3 July 2000.


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