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How to Use the Accommodation Search

Do You Know When You Want to Visit and How Many Bedrooms You Need?

Then do an Accommodation Search (see top of the Menu Bar on the left)

  1. Enter your Arrival Date
    Click on the Arrival Date box. On the calendars, click the arrows on either side of the month to advance or go back. Click the date on the appropriate month and the calendar will disappear and the chosen date will be entered in the box.

  2. Enter flexibility
    Use the drop-down menus beside the calendar icons if your dates are not firm. You may choose a + or - number of days flexibility from the drop down menus beside the calendar icon.

  3. Enter your Departure Date
    In the same manner, using the calendar.

  4. Choose the MINIMUM number of bedrooms you need
    Accommodation is based on two persons (two years old and over) sharing a bedroom. You can always book accommodation with more bedrooms than you need.

  5. Click SEARCH and the web site will return Search Results for all AVAILABLE accommodation with the appropriate number of bedrooms for your dates.

Refine/Narrow Your Search

The Search Results will be a listing with important features of all the accommodation of the appropriate size for the dates you plan to visit. You may browse the accommodation from this list. If the list is long, you may narrow the Search Results by clicking the Refine Search button.

Check the boxes of only those features that are really important to you. The more boxes you check, the shorter will be the list returned. You may also choose a Maximum Price range.

Click Refine Search and view the results. You may repeat this process as many times as you like, making your list shorter and shorter, until you find the accommodation you want.

We have also singled out the homes which, in our opinion, stand out from the crowd.

They are all Special in some way. It may be the location, the view, the way the home is designed, the feeling of comfort while staying there. . . Find out more about our Premier Rentals.

If the home you wish to book does not provide some of the items you would like, then it may be possible to rent them from us. See Items For Rent.