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We're Having A Party! I Hope You Are Hearty!             

  • Independence Day, 6 August 2010, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Free Beach Party on the Patio at Silver Sands Jamaica
  • DJ Tyrone, Jamaican  Food & Drink, Craft Demonstrations
  • Reggae Dance Instructions
Mysilversands celebrates Independence Day, 6 August 2010,
with a Free Beach Party for all its guests at Silver Sands Jamaica.

The celebrations will be held on the Patio on the fabulous white sand beach
from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Tyrone, who was the DJ during the highly-appreciated Banana Bread Bake-off, will keep the guests entertained. In keeping with the spirit of Independence Day, the venue will be decorated in gold, green and black, symbolizing the colours of the National Flag. As part of the festivities, guests will be able to sample the best of Jamaican food and drinks amidst the backdrop of lively Jamaican music.

silver sands jamaica beach on independence day
Silver Sands Beach on Independence Day 2008
food and drink on dsiplay on independence day at silver sands jamaica
Jamaican food and drink to sample at Silver Sands on Independence day
mysilversands reception desk at silver sands jamaica on independence day
Mysilversands Reception Desk on Independence Day
Jamaica gained its Independence from the British and raised its National Flag for the first time on Independence Day, August 6, 1962, signifying the birth of a new nation. On August 7, Princess Margaret of England opened the island's first session of Parliament on behalf of the Queen, completing the transfer of independence to Jamaica.

Each year, Independence Day is celebrated with gaiety and patriotic fervour and this year is no exception. From Friday gone to Friday coming, the entire island comes alive under the theme 'I Believe in Jamaica' as black, green and gold cover buntings, banners and buildings.

The locals in all their splendid finery sashay through the centre of Kingston during the gala parade and depict different aspects of Jamaican culture. Celebrations begin on Emancipation Day on the 1 August, when traditional Junkanoo dancers recall the days of slavery and celebrate modern day Jamaica in all its exotic glory.

Mysilversands offers the perfect opportunity to its guests to enjoy the festivities and join millions of people all over the world in this symbolic celebration and let them know it is Jamaica’s Independence Day.

Listen to Desmond Dekker's festival song contest winner, "Music Like Dirt", also known as "Intensified Festival":


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