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Early Mornings on the Fisherman's Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica

Visitors who venture to the Fisherman's Beach at the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands usually do so to buy craft items from the vendors and talented craftsmen and women there or to buy food and drink from Juliet or Leroy. It is also very rewarding to hang out on the beach and take in the local colour. Watch the fishermen repair their boats, nets, and fish pots. Many make their fish pots there too and you can witness the whole process. Once, I saw a canoe being dug out from a large tree trunk.

Early in the morning, down on the Fisherman's Beach at the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands, Leroy's, Juliet's, and the craft shops will all be closed up.

The sun rising over the sea will make the water shimmer, and everywhere you look, nature's beauty will be evident.

A homemade oar.

Table at Leroy's.

A badly damaged boat.
When the fishermen land with their catch, a small crowd will usually be waiting to greet them, anxious to buy the best straight out of their boats. If you are staying at Silver Sands villas, you can easily join in the fun and purchase your seafood right there on the Fisherman's Beach. When the weather is bad and the sea is rough, you can get a great selection of frozen seafood from Villa Mart inside the Silver Sands estate.

You will find the Jacob Taylor Beach, aka the Fisherman's Beach, a couple hundred yards down the road just before the entrance to Silver Sands villas and cottages.

Visit the
Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica.

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