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Fisherman Sets His Fish Pot Near Silver Sands Villas Jamaica              

Setting out fish pots in the Caribbean Sea is hard work.

Early in the morning, weather permitting, the fishermen set out from the Jacob Taylor Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica. Some go out to bring in their catch, while others set their fish pots.

In this video, a fisherman is seen rowing out in a very weathered boat, his fish pot perched across the top. When he gets to his anchored marker, he cracks open a coconut and flings this bait into the the fish pot, before hurling it over the side.

The fisherman rows back to shore. When he gets close to land, he has to get in the water and swim the boat in the rest of the way as the sea is too rough for him to control it and prevent it from crashing into the rocks.

Very hard work indeed!.