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Jamaica Journeys: Tales, Tips, Testimonials, and More (2023)

1. Indulge in a Swim at Sunrise

2. Stormy Sky and Calm Sea

3. Discover the West Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica

4. A Serene Sunset at Silver Sands Jamaica

5. Why I Highly Recommend Booking Villa Massages through Mysilversands

6. From Saddle to Shore: A Day of Joy with Sand n Saddle's Horses

7. River Rapids Jamaica - A Recipe for Fun Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting

8. Witness the intricate crafting of a Jamaican fish pot

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1. Indulge in a Swim at Sunrise

Our repeat guests know!
They know the best way to start the day at Silver Sands Jamaica is by waking up early and embracing a refreshing swim at sunrise. Picture yourself on our inviting white sand beach, with the serene Caribbean Sea setting the scene for an absolutely delightful experience. It's the perfect way to kick off a truly enjoyable day!

under cabana at sunrise with swimmers

Whether it's for physical exercise, mental rejuvenation, or simply the joy of experiencing the beauty of the Caribbean Sea at sunrise, an early morning swim can offer a multitude of benefits for both body and mind.

morning swim with cabana

Swimming engages multiple muscle groups, providing a low-impact cardiovascular workout. The buoyancy of saltwater reduces joint strain, enhancing the overall swimming experience, and promoting improved cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and weight maintenance.

morning swim coconut tree

Immerse yourself in nature's embrace as you feel the rhythmic movement of the water. Listen to the soothing sounds of the sea, and take in the beauty of your surroundings. Relax, reduce stress levels, and uplift your mood.

expansive beach

Be mindful of the peaceful calm atmosphere of the early morning hours, experiencing the beach and sea in a tranquil state without crowds or noise.

silver sands sunrise

Embrace the multitude of benefits an early morning swim provides—whether it's finding tranquility, witnessing breathtaking sunrises, refreshing your body and mind, improving your physical health, enhancing your mental well-being, or fostering a connection with nature. Start your day on a positive note in the Caribbean Sea!

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2. Stormy Sky and Calm Sea

stormy sky and calm sea at west beach

Let me paint you a picture of the breathtaking beauty that unfolds at Silver Sands Jamaica on one stormy morning at sunrise. It's a captivating blend of contrasts that will leave you in awe.

Despite the turbulent weather, there's a surprising calmness to the sea. Its serene surface reflects the vibrant colors of the sky, creating a mesmerizing sight. And the sun rays? They are anything but timid. With boldness, they pierce through the clouds, casting powerful shafts of light that illuminate the gazebo on the jetty.

The gazebo stands strong amidst the stormy atmosphere. It becomes even more striking against the stormy backdrop, capturing your attention with its irresistible allure. The sunlight, with its unyielding intensity, brings an ethereal glow to the surroundings, transforming the scene into an absolute spectacle.

The Caribbean Sea yet undisturbed by the turbulent weather, its surface reflects the bold rays of light, creating a mesmerizing interplay between brightness and shadows.

As you take in the scene, a sense of anticipation lingers in the air. It's as if nature itself holds its breath in the presence of this remarkable moment. The salt-kissed breeze carries a touch of mystery and enchantment, heightening the sensory experience of the moment.

A captivating beauty emerges from the striking contrasts. It's a visual symphony of light and darkness, a true testament to the awe-inspiring power of nature.

In this extraordinary interplay between storm and sunrise, Silver Sands Jamaica unveils a scene of indescribable allure. The calm sea, the bold rays of sunlight, and the juxtaposition of elements create an experience that will stay with you forever. 

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3. Discover the West Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica

west beach with bench and jamaican flag

Most guests at Silver Sands Jamaica stay on the Eastern side, enjoying the beautiful white sand beach. It's a designated area for swimming with lifeguards, lounge chairs, and shaded cabanas. However, there's another side to explore.

west beach bench and coconut tree

The West Beach is more shaded and has both rocky and sandy areas. It also has benches where you can relax and enjoy the sea view. west beach 2 benches

west beach bench on yoga platform at sunrise

Don't miss out on discovering this hidden treasure at Silver Sands Jamaica!

prem on bench looking to jetty

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4. A Serene Sunset at Silver Sands Jamaica

The sun dipped below the horizon, painting the sky a brilliant display of oranges, pinks, and purples. A young woman stood on the beach, lost in thought. Her long black hair swayed in the sea breeze.

woman standing on the beach at sunset

The fading daylight invited contemplation, and the young woman gazed out at the vast expanse of the sea. Infinite possibilities stretched before her, igniting her thoughts and kindling her dreams.

As the sun sank lower in the sky, it painted a vivid backdrop for her silhouette, adding a touch of mystery, accentuating her solitary reflections.

silver sands beach at sunset

In this quiet moment, inner peace triumphed over life's chaos.

As the sun bid its final farewell, casting its warm glow one last time, the young woman turned away from the sea, forever carrying the memory of that serene sunset. It etched itself in her heart as a symbol of fleeting tranquility and the profound beauty of nature.

boat in the sea at sunset

As she walked away, her silhouette blending into the twilight, the gentle lapping of the waves and the vibrant colourful sky remained imprinted in her mind, a testament to the deep connection between the human spirit and the natural world.

sunset over the west beach at silver sands jamaica

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5. Why I Highly Recommend Booking Villa Massages through Mysilversands

During my last vacation at Silver Sands, I decided to indulge in a massage service offered through Mysilversands. It was one of the best decisions I made! What I really appreciated was that Mysilversands only books trained therapists, who they know and trust, to provide professional service.

man on massage bed

I scheduled a relaxing Swedish massage on my second day there, right after beach time. The therapist arrived on time with all her equipment. Hearing the ocean waves while she worked out my knots was pure bliss!

The convenience of having her come to me rather than traveling to a spa was huge. And customizing the type of massage to target what I needed most allowed me to prioritize self-care on my own terms.

two women having massages

I told my friends they had to try it too. We booked a couple’s massage on our villa deck at sunset one day. Being able to pay by card was super helpful since we hadn’t budgeted for massages initially. The shared experience took our vacation to the next level!

If you’re looking to indulge on your next Jamaica trip, I highly recommend adding a villa massage or two arranged through Mysilversands. You’ll appreciate the professionalism, convenience and flexibility. Just what you need to destress and make amazing vacation memories. Take it from me - you won’t regret the added luxury!

Here are the massage therapists you can book:
Larnes  Nardia

Shandya  Shantal

Stacy-Ann  Syrene

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6. From Saddle to Shore: A Day of Joy with Sand n Saddle's Horses

group of riders in the sea

We made our booking easily through the MYSILVERSANDS team, and set off in a comfortable, air-conditioned bus for the short (approx 15 mins drive to Sand n Saddle.

As we approached Sand n Saddle, we saw horses grazing in their paddock. We checked in at the office, and sat watching the horses we were due to ride. They were relaxing happily under the shade of the trees.

Jessica, the owner of Sand n Saddle, greeted us and gave us a quick pre-briefing on what to expect, and how to guide the horses through the ride: how to move forward, steer the horse left and right, and what to do if they stop in favour of a snack mid-ride. The waiver addressed the option to decline wearing a helmet. As novice riders, we erred on the side of caution and accepted.

Guides saddled up the horses for our ride. Up a little set of steps and mounting the horses became a breeze. The guides were on hand to explain exactly what to do and give a hand up if you needed it.

getting help to mount the horse

While the final horses were saddling up and meeting their riders, we got a little taste of our horses’ personalities. Margherita pursued her seemingly endless appetite for grass and gently roamed the saddling area in search of a snack, taking her rider with her. Jessica and the guides know their horses well; they fondly described each of the horses and their quirks to us while everyone in our group was getting ready.

getting ready for the ride

Then the ride began! We gently trotted out of the saddling area in single-file. The journey began with a wander along a small road, and into some woodland. As Jessica had advised us, one of our horses Elektra had a tendency to hang back from the horse in front of her, in order to give herself space to pick up the pace to a canter to catch up, giving her rider a more exhilarating journey! The guides pointed out banana trees, plantain trees and their flowers while we rode, with gentle guiding of the horses where needed; including affectionate calls to those increasingly distracted by what must have been the most delicious grass in all of Jamaica.

riding on the trail

About halfway through the ride, we reached the part we’d been waiting for: the beach. We loved looking out to sea while the horses gently carried us across the sand. With such stunning views, and the fun of the horses, we had smiles plastered across our faces the entire time. Time flies when you are having fun, and soon we were heading back to the start of the second part of this unforgettable experience.

riding on the beach

The humans and the horses had an outfit change: us into our swim suits (best worn under clothes from the start for ease), and the horses into water pads. Following the guides’ lead, the horses carried us around a small cove, while Jessica kindly snapped some photos from the shore. Jessica explained that only horses who enjoy the water participate in this part of the tour, again showing us how well she knows and loves her horses. The feeling of moving through water on horseback was like nothing we’d experienced before!

getting into the sea on horseback
group of riders in the Caribbean sea

When we returned to the beach, we took the opportunity to stroke the horses and create photographic memories of our fantastic afternoon. Jessica told us some of the horses might also become therapy animals too, which made sense when Electra was so relaxed as we hugged her that she nearly dozed off! 

selfie with a horse

As animal lovers and novice horse riders, we loved the entire experience.

We felt comfortable and well informed throughout, and really trusted the guides who accompanied us the whole time. This is a beautiful way to enjoy some of Jamaica’s landscape, made all the better by the knowledge that these are horses who are well known and loved; welfare is of the highest priority to Jessica and everyone at Sand n Saddle. We would return in a heartbeat.

on horseback in the water

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7. River Rapids Jamaica - A Recipe for Fun Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting

river rapids - tubing and kayaking


  • Shoes that can get wet & a bit muddy: Think water shoes or sports sandals, perfect for all the action.
  • Your swimsuit or comfy shorts (the venue's got your back with life jackets and helmets).
  • Plenty of fresh water to keep you hydrated throughout the adventure.
  • A towel and a change of clothes for that post-ride drive back to your villa.
  • Printed Booking Confirmation from our buddies at Mysilversands.
  • Some cash to show appreciation for your awesome guide.
  • A waterproof disposable camera if you're feeling extra adventurous – unless you're as daring as our buddy Phil, who holds his phone between his teeth while tackling rapids (but remember, that's not officially recommended).


Step 1: Imagine this – gather your crew, everyone donning water-friendly shoes, swimsuits, and armed with towels, a trusty water bottle, and a change of clothes. Hop on an air-conditioned bus and soak in the gorgeous scenery during a breezy 20-minute ride to the start of the tour. You'll be greeted there by the awesome team, ready to make your day unforgettable.

river rapids - getting kit

Step 2: Head to the “office” in the carpark to flash your printed booking confirmation (compliments of the friendly Mysilversands Front Desk folks who will print that for you). Meanwhile, your driver will be chilling at the end of the river, no rush. Sign a waiver (it's standard for most adventures) and get geared up with a helmet and life jacket by your trusty guide. They'll make sure everything fits perfectly and stays in place, all the way down the river.

choosing tubes or kayaks

Step 3: Choose your ride – inflatable single kayak or ring. You'll carry them about 7 minutes upstream for maximum river ride time. This walk gives you a sneak peek of the lush jungle you're about to explore, with thick trees and vines covering the hills and banks alongside the gorgeous river. Oh, and you'll also cross a sturdy rope and wood bridge – cool, right? At the top of the river, you'll be welcomed by a jaw-dropping multi-layered waterfall and plunge pools. Trust us, it's so perfect it looks Photoshopped. Take photos under the waterfall's flowing lip (about 3 feet of water), with your guide helping you through the plunge pool and under the waterfall as needed. Be ready for some light rock-scrambling to get in and out of the water!

river rapids - walking in the jungle
river rapids - walking along the river bank
in the river by the waterfall

Step 4: Now, the real fun begins! Those on rings will form a line, holding on to each other, while your guide leads you safely downstream. They'll give you a friendly push here and there if you want to pick up the pace. Don't fret about those rapids – they're exciting without tossing you out of your ring. And, if you need it, your guide is there to steer you clear of any rocks. They might even break out in song (shout out to Roy!). Rings are perfect for just kicking back and soaking in the incredible Jamaican scenery as you float along.

river rapids tubing
river rapids tubing

If you prefer more control and a dash of adventure, go for the kayak. These aren't your typical leisurely kayaks – they're for thrill-seekers. The inflatable kayak is perfect for navigating rapids and you can pick up the pace while you twist and turn. Fair warning: the kayak will get a little wet inside, but no worries, you won't sink. Just steer clear of the rocks, or you might find yourself beached. Spoiler alert: the second-to-last rapids are a wild and fun ride.

river rapids kayaking

Step 5: For an extra dose of adrenaline, you'll park your rings and kayaks on the riverbank and have the chance to jump off a 10-foot platform into the water. But if that's not your vibe, it's a great spot for a relaxing dip.

river rapids dive spot

Step 6: As you continue downstream, you'll pass a public bathing spot where locals from the nearby town often chill and wash. Keep an eye out for kids enjoying a rope swing and taking daring leaps into the water.

river rapids - calm section of the river

Step 7: Towards the end of the river, you'll swap your current inflatable transportation for a paddle and an inflatable raft. Hop on board the sturdy raft and zip through the final section of the river with the power of eight paddlers (in our case, it felt like synchronized chaos).

river rapids rafting

Step 8: About ten minutes later, your Rio Bueno journey will open up onto a beach where you'll walk along the shore to find outdoor showers and – believe it or not – your Mysilversands driver and air-conditioned ride! The whole adventure takes around two hours. Don't forget to show some love to your river guide, then rinse off and dry up for the trip back home. 🌊🚣‍♂️

river rapids group photo

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8. Witness the intricate crafting of a Jamaican fish pot

charles meggie with hammer and fishpot

Nestled alongside Silver Sands Jamaica, The Jacob Taylor Beach, affectionately known as The Fishermans Beach in the local community, serves as the workshop for skilled fishermen like Charles Meggie.

Charles, a master craftsman, breathes life into the most popular fishing method in Jamaica—the Antillean Z-shaped fish pot. These traps are a fragile structure of wood and mesh, carefully designed to welcome fishes in but keep them from venturing out.

With a small saw, hammer, and common wire nails, Charles fashions the frame from, rough sticks, often reaped with a machete from the nearby forests. The primary material, 'chicken mesh,' is meticulously wrapped and nailed, forming a cage with funnel-shaped openings that lure fishes in but prevent larger ones from escaping.

charles meggie with hammer and fishpot

Resourceful fishermen entice their catch with the white kernels of dried coconuts strategically placed inside the pot. Some even roast the kernels, enhancing their allure. Charles, a seasoned craftsman, weaves these intricate traps on his 'home' beach, bordered by boats against the backdrop of the glistening blue Caribbean Sea. Seeking respite, he finds shade under a sprawling sea grape tree, turning it into a cooler workspace.

charles meggie with fishpot under sea grape tree
charles meggie through mesh of the fishpot

Once completed, the fish pot is carried out on a boat, and carefully lowered into the sea by an attached rope. Resourceful fishermen improvise, using floating debris to mark their pots. Pieces of wood with sealed plastic bottles often become makeshift buoys. Experienced hands place the pots strategically among rocks and reefs, ensuring they resist the pull of tide and waves. In the close-knit community of The Fishermans Beach, each pot has a known owner, a shared understanding among these seafaring artisans.

charles meggie without cap

These photos tell a story beyond the craft; they encapsulate a way of life, a profound connection between man and the sea that shuns clichés and finds beauty in simplicity."

boats on fishermans beach

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