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Paddleboard & Kayak Adventure with students from California State University, San Bernardino

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

The story of this adventure is best told in pictures - so here follows lots of photos. We ask for your patience in waiting for them to download. There is a bit of text with explanations where we considered it helpful.


All fourteen students from San Bernardino enjoy the calm water of the Caribbean Sea after paddleboarding and kayaking to this deserted beach near Silver Sands Jamaica.

students in the sea




sitting and paddling


bryan paddling


paddle boarding


standup paddleboarding


paddling to the beach


This is how the adventure began. A little after 5:00 am, Bryan gathered the group on the beach and provided basic instructions for paddleboarding and kayaking. Life jackets donned and equipment sorted, then the students were ready to go. The sun smiled sweetly as it illuminated the Caribbean Sea.

bryan giving instructions


Waiting patiently for their turn to set off.

waiting for their turn to set off


Bryan gives some on-board last-minute instruction.

setting off


And off she goes, paddling away into the sunrise - on her knees, which is a good idea for a beginner and for getting out past the shore break.
paddling away from the beach


On the undeveloped beach.
on the beach


the beach


swimmers at sunrise


The smoke tells us that something is cooking!
paddle boards on the beach


the beach


getting into the sea


DJ takes command of preparing breakfast for the group.


"How do you like your eggs?" That's breadfruit in the frying pan on the right.
cooking on the beach


Bram waits patiently for his breakfast with his "plate", a seagrape leaf.


A paddleboard turned over became a table. No picnic breakfast is complete without fruits.


DJ suddenly became very popular.
students waiting for breakfast


Breakfast on the beach!
breakfast on the beach


"California Girls" showing off their breakfast on a seagrape leaf!
showing off their breakfast



breakfast on a serape leaf


happy with breakfast


Big-up Mushtaq who took the supplies and some stowaways (who did not want to paddleboard or kayak) on his boat to this undeveloped beach. He says he's the man to take guests on snorkel trips out to the reef and for fishing trips.
Mushtaq, the boatman


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