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More On The Martha Brae River by Prem of Mysilversands Villas


From Prem's Journal:
In early September '99, I took a drive from Silver Sands along the coast to Falmouth and headed inland towards the Cockpit Country. I love the drive alongside the Martha Brae River as the roads winds along in harmony with the river. Tall trees shade the road for much of the way and the brilliant sunshine pouring down through the openings above seem to play hide and seek with the car. I didn't get very far before I felt the need to quench my thirst, when around the next bend I saw a roadside vendor with a difference.

t-shirts on display along the martha brae river

(Photo copyright of Mysilversands Villas)

This young woman had selected a location where she could serve both persons in cars passing by on the road and those on rafts passing by on the river! I pulled up, got out of my car and sat down on a log beside the river while she cut a "jelly" for me.



cutting a jelly coconut beside the martha brae river

Cutting a "jelly." This is a green coconut which contains coconut water that's cool and somewhat sweet. Everyone is unique with its own taste. The kernel is still soft, hence the name "jelly." Stick a straw in the hole cut open by the vendor and enjoy. Afterwards, have the nut cut open in halves and using a makeshift spoon sliced from the side of the nut, scoop out the jelly. Tastes great. Jamaicans do not drink the milk which comes from dry brown coconuts, but they use its kernel in cooking many dishes, like in the famous rice and peas (see Pg. 41 of Enid Donaldson's "The Real Taste of Jamaica" for a recipe)

(Photo copyright of Mysilversands Villas)

As I sat in the shade enjoying the quiet and the soft sounds of the river flowing by, I observed the range of items for sale, from soup being cooked on an open fire, to the wood carvings that are so common all over the North Coast, to the brightly coloured tie-dyed t-shirts fluttering from a line strung above from tree to tree. We had a nice chat and talked about her business. I stayed much too long before resuming my journey.

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