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Have You Had an Otaheiti Apple?

I was discussing Jamaican fruit trees with Belvitt who works at Villa Mart at Silver Sands when I mentioned that I didn't see many otaheiti apple trees around Trelawny. He told me that there is one at Ebb Tide and that it was currently bearing.

green and ripe otaheiti apples in the tree

I must have walked past it hundreds of times and did not notice it. Sure enough, on the South side of Ebb Tide, clearly visible from the road, right next to the naseberry tree which was also bearing, stood an otaheiti apple tree.

It's easy to understand why Jamaicans simply call this fruit a Jamaican apple, as "otaheiti" is quite a challenging word to pronounce. In Trinidad, this fruit is known as a pomerac.

whole ripe otaheiti apple

When next you visit Silver Sands villas, ask your villa staff to get some Jamaican apples for you. They are usually eaten raw and they also make a great tasting juice.

cut ripe otaheiti apple

Above two photographs show a ripe otaheiti apple and what the insides look like when it is cut open to remove the seed.