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Your rating will help determine the Overall Rating of each Accommodation we offer.

prem chadeesingh, owner and manager
Prem Chadeesingh,
Owner & Manager

We strive to improve our services and the accommodation we offer you.

Your honest feedback really helps us, but we know you are busy - so in order to show our appreciation for your time and trouble, we will enter you in our Monthly Lucky Prize Draw to win US$100.

It is quick and easy and we do not ask you for any personal details. All we ask is that you remember our web site is family friendly and good manners is appreciated.

This Prize Draw is administered by Impact Technology UK Ltd. Everyone who leaves feedback has an equal chance to win the Monthly Prize Draw of US$100.

It's Easy

  • Choose the Location of the accommodation (Silver Sands, Turtle Beach Towers, etc.).
  • Choose the Property you stayed in.
  • The Ratings Screen for this property will appear. Click the "Add Your Rating" link.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Click the Check button beside your email address.
  • Select the number of stars, rating your accommodation.
  • Leave Comments (optional).
  • Click the Proceed button.

Monthly Draw

  • A few days after the end of each month, our computer will draw one name at random from all those who left feedback during that month.
  • Everyone who enters the Monthly Lucky Prize draw will be notified by email of the result.
  • A Mysilversands cheque for US$100, drawn on a HSBC New York bank account, will be mailed to the winner.

Why You Should Leave Feedback

  • Feedback helps us to improve and fix problems.
  • Ratings are automatically averaged and displayed as an Overall Rating for each Accommodation.
  • You will help others in choosing the Accommodation that best suits their needs.
  • Accommodation standards will rise even higher as everyone does their best to secure better reviews.

Some Rules

  • You may leave feedback for any number of properties once you have stayed there and the booking was made using your email address. Each feedback gives you a separate and equal chance to win.
  • You cannot leave feedback more than once for the same booking.
  • Mysilversands and/or the Owner of the reviewed accommodation may respond to your feedback.
  • The prize is offered as stated and is non-exchangeable or transferable.
  • An alternative winner will be chosen if the original winner does not respond within fourteen days of being informed.
  • Our decision is final on all matters.
  • Entry into the prize draw constitues acceptance of these rules.

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The First Monthly Lucky Prize Draw

20 Winners! US$100 Each!

There will be TWENTY winners of US$100 each for the first Monthly Lucky Prize Draw.

The first Monthly Lucky Prize Draw will be conducted within a few days after the end of November 2013. If you stayed in accommodation booked through Mysilversands between 1 January 2007 and 30 November 2013, you may leave your feedback and enter the Prize Draw. When you enter your email address, the system will find the last time you stayed in that particular property and give you the opportunity to leave feedback for that visit and enter the Monthly Lucky Prize Draw. If you stayed in more than one property during this period, you may leave feedback and be entered in the Monthly Lucky Prize Draw for each property in which you stayed.

Leave your feedback, rate the Accommodation and enter the Monthly Lucky Prize Draw now:

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