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Hiking Trail Up Caledonia Hill


Trail at comfort Hall

The start of the hiking trail from Comfort Hall to Caledonia Hill

The dirt in this area is red and our footpath climbed unevenly through small hillside farms, with sharp rocks jutting out every now and then. I realized I would have been better off with my hiking boots instead of my running shoes. We walked briskly, and I was very careful as I did not want to twist an ankle on the loose stones or protruding rocks.

We reached the top of Caledonia Hill after fifteen minutes of brisk walking. I could feel my heart pounding as sweat eased out of my skin. Although the sun was hot, there was a cool breeze sweeping up the hill. I was certainly glad that I remembered my hat.

The view from the top of Caledonia Hill made the trek worthwhile. What a panorama with the winding road clearly seen here and there snaking gracefully through the green hills. I had to laugh when the quiet of this picturesque scene was disturbed by the ring of a telephone. Yes, Michael had his cell phone in his pocket and at that moment at the top of Caledonia Hill, his brother from Kingston rang him up. Should I have asked Michael to leave the phone behind?

View from Caledonia Hill

View from Caledonia Hill

Apart from the view, there is a lot to see on this hike. We descended more slowly, taking in the grounds, planted out on both sides of the trail. Here is a list of some of what we saw: yam fields, naseberry, rose apple, guava, pineapple, tamarind, soursop, custard apple, oteaite apple, shoe black (red hibiscus), black banana, tangerine, mangarine, avocado pear, coffee, sweet potato, cassava, caster oil, pimento, ferns, and orchids.

Yam field in trelawny

Typical yam field


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