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I didn't want to leave, but I had to drag myself away as a friend was driving over from Mandeville to meet me back at The Orchid House later. I was there for over an hour and a half, taking in the quiet, admiring the lush vegetation and towering trees, swimming, looking at the caves (from outside), and dreaming about bringing my children there next summer. During all that time, no one else came by. This is no Dunn's River Falls. We were the only people there.

waterfall from mini dam

I swam in this pool, surrounded by rocks, fed by the waterfall from the mini dam.

As I write this, I realize I my shortcomings as an author, and so I must apologize for my inability to do justice to this wonderful site. My photos help to complete the picture, but one really has to see Quashie River Caves to believe it. Should you follow Michael on his tour? I cannot recommend this, as it is not an approved tourist attraction. It could never pass any safety standards in its present form. And I would hate to see it change.

looking down into the cavern from the trail

Looking down into the cavern from the top trail.

For more information on caves in Jamaica and other related topics, take a look at the following:
"Jamaica Underground: The Caves, Sinkholes and Underground Rivers of the Island" Alan G. Fincham, 1997, The Press University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica.

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Amazon's Book Description:
"Greatly extending the long out-of-print first edition, this new volume features over 300 specially redrawn cave plans, colour plates illustrating the Jamaican underground scene and numerous extracts from previously unpublished expedition logs and anecdotal accounts of explorations. This second edition of "Jamaica Underground" provides the only single source of detailed information on the caves of Jamaica."

Caving In Jamaica, Jamaica Underground - Caribbean For Visitors and Windsor Research Station, Cockpit Country

Prem at quashies rive cave

Evidence I was there!


Introduction : Comfort Hall, Hiking Trail Up Caledonia Hill, German Town, Jelly Coconuts, Top Of The Cavern, Natural Waterfall, Dam Waterfall, The Caves, Cavern Greenery, Further Reading