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Chill Pon de Rastaman Ezekiel Ends
Come and Visit With Rastaman Ezekiel

Please Do Not Turn Up Uninvited to Rasta Ezekiel’s Home - it is his home:
rastaman ezekiel house
Rasta Ezekiel's home
Be prepared for a Jamaican Experience of an unusual kind. 
Minor children MUST be accompanied by their parents or guardians.
portrait of rest ezekiel


  • Meet Rasta Ezekiel and get acquainted with him over some hot tea, freshly brewed from herbs grown on his "ground" (small farm).
  • Learn about the Rasta way of life and their organisations in Jamaica. Discuss Rastafari with him and ask your questions - Rasta Ezekiel will be happy to answer.
  • Take a tour of Rasta Ezekiel’s ground and learn about the dozens of plants he grows, including marijuana/ganja. 
  • It may be possible to buy some of the farm produce, depending on what’s in season and ready for consumption. Ask him, if you would like to buy any of his vegetables.
  • Listen to Rasta Ezekiel drum and chant; and join him in song.
boiling herb tea
Brewing herb tea on wood fire.
plants straining tea
Ganja and tobacco plants; Rasta Ezekiel preparing the herb tea.
The location of Rasta Ezekiel’s home will be revealed to you when you arrive there. It is less than a ten minute drive from Silver Sands Jamaica.
rasta walking the ground farm
okras on the tree picking okras rasta ezekiel and a handful of okras
Rasta Ezekiel with a handful of okras, just picked by him from his ground.
straining the tea
WARNING: The use of ganja/marijuana is a part of the culture of Rastafari, and Rasta Ezekiel may smoke this in your presence during your visit to his home.
drumming standing with hands in peace sign
Rasta Ezekiel, playing his Ethiopian drum and making the peace sign.
The home is rough and you may have to sit on a log or rock. The ground/farm is on uneven terrain and not suitable for persons with mobility difficulties.
rasta walking his ground
Walking in his ground.
If you wish to "chill pon de Rastaman Ezekiel ends", please contact Mysilversands Staff who will make the introduction for you.
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