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Go Fishing With Shine, The Conch Man

shine on his board


If the weather permits, meaning, if the sea is not too rough, Shine will set out in the early morning on his makeshift vessel - an old beaten up windsurf board with plastic crates strapped to the front and back, leaving space for him to sit and paddle with an oar fashioned from a discarded piece of timber.


portrait of shine


Shine usually sets out from the Jacob Taylor Beach (aka the Fisherman's Beach) which is next to the Western boundary of Silver Sands Jamaica. He heads to the Northeast, paddling into the rising Sun. He knows where to find the conchs and his expedition usually takes about three hours.


Are you up for it?

Shine is happy to take you along with him. You will need your own paddleboard or kayak and snorkeling equipment. And a lot of protection from the sun. Notice how covered up Shine is in these photographs.


shine on his board


Shine does not have a fee for his service - he said he does not know what to charge, that he just wants the guests to enjoy the experience and it's up to them to give him whatever they want.


shine paddling away into the rising sunshine
Shine paddling off into the rising Sun.


If you want to go conch fishing with Shine, let us know ( and we will put you in touch with him. Sorry, Shine does not have a phone.


Here's a twenty second video of Shine, coming back from one of his conch fishing expeditions and landing at the West Beach at Silver Sands Jamaica:


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