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Prem's Rum Punch


You can make this back home too. Everybody and his brother has a recipe for Rum Punch. Try Prem's variation on the traditional method of:

One of Sour
Two of Sweet
Three of Strong
And four of weak!

Get a jug and put in one measure of lime juice (use fresh limes or supermarket lime juice normal strength)
Add two measures of pineapple juice (canned pineapple juice is fine)
Add three measures of Myers Rum (this is a dark rum with lots and lots of flavour- no subtitutes please!)
Add four measures of grapefruit juice (you can cheat here and add less grapefruit juice)

Stir it all up and serve over ice in a tall glass. If you like to be fancy, stick a chunk of pineapple and orange on the rim of the glass. Invite over a special friend- you will not want to waste this on just anyone!

See also Enid Donaldson's recipe for Rum Punch on Page 141 of her great cookbook, "The Real Taste of Jamaica."

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